Second to None Assisted Living Experience

Fox Ridge Luxury Senior Living Centers will provide a second-to-none assisted living experience for all residents through a proven reputation of trust and unparalleled Assisted Living II Care and related services on a national scale.

Our Mission

As the premier assisted living center in the state of Arkansas and beyond, Fox Ridge Luxury Senior Living Centers will build morale among our team members through strong leadership and strong relationships with our residents through customer service beyond compare. Believing that the comfort of our residents is our first priority, we will ensure we are not only providing a residence, but a truly excellent home. To continue to meet this desire and the needs of our residents in the communities we serve, Fox Ridge will consistently achieve a strong level of performance.


Fox Ridge Team Members will only exhibit respectfulness and uprightness consistently with the Residents we serve as well as their family members.

Selfless Service

Fox Ridge Residents’ needs always come before those of our team members and this will be ever-reflective in the way we serve them.


Through tight-knit team unity, Fox Ridge Team Members will make their central goal to work together to create the best quality of life experience for our residents.

Excellent Customer Service

We live by the motto that “Residents may not remember the little things we do for them, but they will always remember how we make them feel,” and knowing this, we will strive in all we do to make them feel they are valued.


Honoring the Fox Ridge values, our Team Members commit to do what’s right in all situations.

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