At Fox Ridge, everything we do is for the health, happiness and enjoyment of our residents and family members. When they are happy, we are happy. Of course, honors and recognition are always nice, too! Thank you to the outstanding professionals, support staff, residents and family members who make Fox Ridge Arkansas’ premier assisted living community.

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to have lunch with us yesterday. We were VERY impressed with the facilities and the lunch was delicious! The staff was very friendly too. I will keep in touch as we proceed with my parents.

Gratefully, Cathy A.

Fox Ridge of Bryant is a great place with great people. Thank you for everything!

Jeff, Family member

Great party! Thanks for the invitation. We really enjoyed it, and once again, just appreciate having my mom in the Fox Ridge community. She’s not able to express herself outwardly as well anymore, but I can tell that “inside” she’s having some very happy days there.


As Thanksgiving nears, I begin to county my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for this year – I want all of the staff at Fox Ridge to know how thankful I am for the love, care and kindness you have shown my father. You are truly a blessing in our lives. Thank you and God bless you.

Mallory, Family Member

Thank you for the lovely setting and dinner that you gave the Full of Life winners on Thursday night. The food was delicious and the servers so gracious. It was a lovely occasion and my guests loved every minute of it. When Mr. George was playing his guitar I almost stood up and led everyone in the song. Thank you again for all the pleasures you gave all. I’ll be visiting again soon.

Sincerely, Bettie Gray

Thank you for all the wonderful things you did for Mom. Your kindness and the loving care will never be forgotten. We are so thankful for each of you and blessed that God placed you in our lives.

Trip, Debbie, Katherine and Chris

My mom is a resident in the Memory Center at Fox Ridge. The Memory Center staff understand the challenges of dementia patients and are trained to respond positively with kindness and patience. Mom is content and happy thanks to the care and love of the staff.

Vicky Metrailer

I have been going to the in-house physical therapy at Fox Ridge on and off ever since I have been here, and every time I am NOT going I get worse!  I love the therapists I work with, and it has been wonderful and so convenient since it is all right here where I live.  I don’t have to go outside the community to get my therapy!

Martha Ryan, Resident

I am thankful for Fox Ridge Assisted Living in Bryant. My 91-year-old mom has finally found a home she loves, and they love her. She said the other day she would have moved there five years ago if she knew some place so wonderful existed.

Wally Hall – Democratic Gazette November 27, 2014

Thanks so much for showing us the Garden Home at Fox Ridge Bryant last week.  We are very anxious for one of them to come available!  We are so ready for this new chapter in our lives.  Again, thanks for your hospitality.  We hope to see you soon!

Bill and Vera

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the party tonight.  It was so nice for you to do this for the residents and their families.  The food was delicious and we really enjoyed it!  Thanks again for the enjoyable time.

Rod and Myra, Family members

“The food is great, the staff is attentive, and they are glad to help us in any way they can.”

Boo Miller, Resident

I just love it here!!!! I could not imagine being anywhere else. I was at a place before here and they were just not nice, but Fox Ridge is my home and my family now!

Eva, Resident

Mom has started to call Fox Ridge “home” or her “apartment” and has even suggested that we sell her home in Lakewood.  The family is very pleased with Fox Ridge and the level of care she receives there.

Donna, Family Member

Mom’s memory just isn’t what it used to be and it touches me to know that your staff works so hard to not let her get upset when she forgets. They just move on and talk about something else. God sent some good people to work at Fox Ridge!


“Teresa, how nice!  I loved the coffee and not in a Styrofoam cup!  It doesn’t get any better!  If I can ever do something for you, I will consider it a privilege.  Like my little notes?  I won them at Bingo.” – From Delores regarding our administrator, Teresa, who takes her coffee daily!

I just wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone is so kind and loving! I am so blessed!


You guys do a great job here.  It feels just like home to me!

Bea Edwards, Resident

We find comfort in knowing how blessed we are to have Fox Ridge in our lives. It is also comforting to know how mom has touched so many lives. Thank you for your precious friendship, we are eternally grateful for you.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that the staff does for my mom and myself. I am amazed daily!


As a new family member, I have all the confidence in Fox Ridge taking care of Mom!


On behalf of our whole family, I wanted to thank the staff at Fox Ridge for making my mother’s stay there a fun and happy experience for her.  All of us loved Fox Ridge, and it was because of you and your staff that made it that way.  We knew she was safe and happy there.  You all are the best!  Thank you so very much!

Donna, Paula, Terry, Craig & Sharron

We thank you for the care, kindness, and friendship you provided for almost 14 years for mom and dad.


As a facilitator of an  Alzheimer’s support group, I can honestly say that I am thrilled to refer people to your community.


Merry Christmas! I am so blessed to have Fox Ridge in my life. I love you for all you do for my parents.

Pat, family member

Respite care service was wonderful here.  Being able to rest and recuperate was great and the delicious meals being prepared for you was wonderful.  It was important to me and my recovery having a great place in the building to walk, and the in-house therapy provided helped me get back on my feet.  All the staff were so friendly and courteous!

Nina Wooley

I am very impressed with the way the entire staff treats mom and dad! They do such a great job!


I love all the activities and love to be busy, I have a lot of nervous energy, so it is great here because I can stay busy all day long!  I have been here 5 years in July and this is my home and I am happy to call it home.  I could not have lived alone – I am too much of a coward – I feel very safe here!

Mrs. Dumas, Resident

My husband and I have had 3 grandparents that lived at Fox Ridge. We loved how everyone made them feel like family. Coming for dinner with them was just like going to dinner at their homes. We only wish we had more grandparents!


The food here is so wonderful, you look forward to the next meal!

Eloise Pickens, Resident

Dad has gained 4 pounds in 2 months, thanks to your dining room crew. I am so impressed with the entire staff at Fox Ridge. They truly care for the residents. Thank you!!!


I just love it here! Everybody is so nice and the food is really good! I’m so glad y’all take care of me.

M. Kirkland

I love this place!  They take care of my mother as if she were their own.  The facility has an excellent staff and the activities are so well planned.  The whole family is pleased!  Keep up the good work!

Paula, Family Member

“I enjoy movies each week in our own little theater. We would love to have you join us!”

Carol Cato, Resident

“The physical therapy provided at Fox Ridge is very effective.”

Charlie Van Ness, Resident

The blue hydrangeas are beautiful. I like to sit out on the front porch and feel the sun on my face. The grounds are lovely and so inviting.

Mrs. Lillian Kahn, Resident

My father moved to Fox Ridge Chenal 2 years ago this month. He doesn’t get out of his apartment much to attend activities, although staff has certainly encouraged him to do so. He is very sweet and cooperative and loves to visit. He has experienced a decline over the past few years in his medical condition. After the Memory Care unit opened at Fox Ridge Chenal, we toured the unit and placed my dad’s name on the waiting list. Very recently, my father was hospitalized. The doctor gave him some heartbreaking news, and he was told initially that he would not be able to return to his current living arrangement. My father was very upset that he could not “come home.” The hospital social worker spoke with Jeffrey Wright and learned more about the care that dad could receive at Fox Ridge through the caring staff and supplemented with outside needs of home health care. The social worker spoke with the hospital doctor, and they indeed felt that Fox Ridge was going to be able to meet my dad’s needs. Two things that I will never forget. One was the hospital social worker saying that when he spoke with Jeffrey how much he realized the staff cared about my dad and how much they had invested in making things work for him. The second thing I will never forget is the smile on my dad’s face when we finally got him “home.” My dad has dementia. There are times he is confused, but he knows “home” and he knows he is there.

I will forever be grateful to all the staff at Fox Ridge Chenal for good days they are giving back to my sweet daddy.

Becky Casanova

“I will forever be grateful to all the staff at Fox Ridge Chenal for good days they are giving back to my sweet daddy.”

Becky Casanova, Family Member

The physical therapy provided at Fox Ridge is very effective, the employees are delightful, and the extra activities, such as the Luau and Friday Afternoon Happy Hour, are very entertaining.

Charlie Van Ness, Resident

“We are lucky to have a facility that takes care of our aging parents with as much independence as possible, while providing stimulating activities, nutritious and delicious food in such a beautiful setting. We are truly grateful!”

Cecelia Kelso, Family Member

I just received a phone call from my dad’s guests about their visit today. I want to thank you all for everything you did to make it such an amazing visit. He said that they were a little apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect. He went on and on about how warm and wonderful the staff were and how it made for such a great visit. He said people just “appeared” to check on them and make certain that everything was okay and if they needed anything. He said they were very impressed with the staff, the facility and the care my dad was receiving. Thank you for all that you all do everyday to make moments like this so very special. It is truly the attention to detail and the little things that we do and say that make a difference. You all did so much above and beyond the coffee and pastries as well as the attentiveness of all the staff to every little detail, and it sounds like your staff went “the extra mile” that I know that you all went to and the extra effort that you all put into making this come together for him. I really do appreciate it.

Many thanks, Becky

The food is good and I’m glad that I don’t have to cook.

Kathryn Simpson, Resident

“Big-screen TVs are provided for all residents at Fox Ridge, and they are nice ones, too.”

Ruth Cochran, Resident

I love living at Fox Ridge. I get the help I need, the staff is great and the residents are wonderful. I enjoy movies each week in our own little theater. We would love to have you join us! We have tons of activities, including special occasion parties. You will find us friendly, helpful and fun.

Carol Cato, Resident

“I like to sit out on the front porch and feel the sun on my face. The grounds are lovely and so inviting.”

Lillian Kahn, Resident

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